Trudeau Giving up Too Much for Too Little in China: Conservatives

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By A Correspondent

Official Opposition Trade critics Hon. Gerry Ritz and Randy Hoback issued the following statement in reaction to the Liberal government’s trip to China.
“On a day where we learn that the economy is performing worse than it has since the Great Recession, this Liberal government is more interested in photo ops than Canadian jobs and the middle class.  Rather than working with our allies on a common agenda for China, the Liberals seem to prefer going it alone. As a result, Canadians are giving up a lot and are getting little in return,” said Randy Hoback, Vice-Chair of the House of Commons International Trade Committee.

“Justin Trudeau has failed to deliver a long term solution for Canadian canola farmers and their access to the Chinese market.  A temporary extension does not provide any certainty for farmers who are harvesting their crops right now,” said Gerry Ritz, Opposition Critic for International Trade.  “Forty percent and $2 billion of Canada’s canola seed exports go to China and this Liberal government continues to put the livelihood of Western Canadian farmers at risk.”
“For a government that campaigns on openness and transparency, it is also very concerning that Justin Trudeau is refusing to be up-front with Canadians about his free trade talks with China,” added Mr. Ritz.  “Canadians deserve to know which agreements their government is pursuing and it is shameful that the Liberals are not being transparent with their plans to pursue a free trade agreement with China. This is a stark contrast from their approach to the Trans-Pacific Partnership where they continue to delay their decision with endless consultations.”
“By bringing Canada into the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Liberals plan to send hundreds of millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars to a Chinese government bank with no control over how the money will be spent or whether Canadian companies will benefit,” said Mr. Hoback. “Our previous Conservative government, in concert with the United States and Japan, chose not to join the AIIB because we could not then, and certainly the Liberals cannot now, ensure that this bank will follow the environmental, social and human rights standards we expect from development institutions.”
“Finally, we are saddened and frustrated that in exchange for everything the Liberals have ceded to the Chinese government in this visit that they were not able to secure a favourable outcome for Kevin Garratt and his family.”

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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