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By Our Correspondent

Reading Jayeeta Ganguly's, Just Another Fan! is a little like watching Hailee Steinfeld in the classic western, True Grit.  The same grit, the same passion with the same result: victory. 

Jayeeta Ganguly is not only a stellar journalist.  She is also a phenomenal human being.  And this comes across in the candid recording of events from her life in pursuit of a dream to meet her idol, the cricket legend-turned-politician, Imran Khan.

JAF! is a book that pays tribute to Imran Khan as Ganguly’s idol.  But it is essentially about rejoicing life.  It is about celebrating achievement.  And it is a testimony to how anyone can chase a dream and realize it, if they set their mind to it.

Ganguly’s obsession with Imran Khan began when she saw him play cricket as an impressionable ten year old from Kolkata, India.  But by the time she reached her teens, the cricket captain of Pakistan inspired her like no one else.  His inimitable style and unparalled ability to confront adverse situations with grace began to consume the little fan’s entire being.  The experience was instrumental in building Ganguly’s self-esteem and convinced her to chase her own dreams.

Ganguly wanted to be a journalist even when she was in her teens because she realized that it would be convenient to reach Imran Khan faster that way.  Her perseverance led to her first dream-come-true meeting with her idol in Kolkata in 2004.

Then she met him again in 2011 when Khan was in India during the Cricket World Cup for CNN-IBN’s special show Kings of Cricket.  The last meeting was unique.  This time she had something for him.  This time, she gave him two copies of JAF!, released by the Kolkata-based Smriti Publishers who have taken the onus to publish works of new-age authors who have the ability to think out-of-the-box.  For Ganguly, life had come to a full circle.

If there were repeated instances of erythema solaire at the meetings with Khan, they were carefully concealed.  This was because Ganguly was already a responsible and respected journalist and met her idol as a thorough professional. 

Ganguly has not forgotten the people who facilitated her journey.  Teachers, friends and colleagues who believed in her dreams and assisted her - everyone is remembered.

To sum it all up, Jayeeta Ganguly’s JAF! is a compelling read.  Everyone can identify with it.  And JAF! is delectable because it is sweet and motivational.  It will make you laugh.  It will make you cry.  And it will remind you of a time when you were a little like that.  But most importantly, it will inspire you to pick up from where you left off; never to relinquish your dreams and persevere to see them through to the very end.    

Just Another Fan! is available at all leading bookstores in India and Bangladesh and online at, and  For detailed list of bookstores click on


Vol. 12 - No. 3


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