Liberals: Minister Appear Before Committee on EI Inspectors

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By A Correspondent

The Human Resources Minister must answer for her government’s heavy-handed decision to deploy Employment Insurance Fraud Inspectors to the homes of 1,200 Canadians across the country, said Liberal Human Resources and Skills Development critic Rodger Cuzner on March 5.

“The Conservatives are unilaterally moving our Employment Insurance system from one of legitimate investigation to deliberate intimidation when it comes to verifying EI claims, and they are using misinformation as a justification,” said Mr. Cuzner.

“As they have consistently dodged our queries in the House of Commons, I am introducing a motion before the Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities committee to compel Minister Finley and appropriate officials to answer questions about this program,” he continued.

Recently, without any Parliamentary scrutiny, oversight or explanation, the Conservative government developed and implemented a new EI investigation policy. For the first time in Canada, EI investigators are now making home visits to EI recipients without prior notice, without any suspicion of wrongdoing, and are requiring Canadians to provide them with highly personal information on demand, such as proof that a beneficiary’s child is their own, and that the child has never been removed from their care by Social Services.

“The numbers show very clearly that all but a fraction of fraudulent EI claims paid out are recovered so it is entirely unclear why this drastic change is required,” said Mr. Cuzner. “It is time that the Minister stops misleading Canadians and finally provide them with the real answers they deserve.”


Mr. Cuzner’s motion is as follows:

That the Committee invite the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and the appropriate departmental officials to appear before the Committee at their earliest convenience to explain and answer questions regarding the national Employment Insurance Stewardship Pilot, and the issue of fraud within the Employment Insurance program.


Vol. 12 - No. 3


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