John of God Performs Healing Work in Toronto

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By Satesh Narain *

For the first time Joao De Deus, John of God, The Miracle Man from Brazil, was in Toronto, Canada, at the Convention Centre on March 15th – 17th, 2013 to do his healing work.

Medium Joao was happy to be here in Toronto and he showed his gratitude by thanking all the people there, organizers, city of Toronto, law makers, politicians, and many others for their support and their attendance.

Shortly after his brief and humble speech, as usual, he immediately retreated in his quiet and powerful space to commence his healing mission. Hundreds of believers from many different domains, physical and cultural patiently waited the mystical moment for their occurrence.

I was very surprised with the multitude of foreign visitors and long distance travellers. To my estimate, may be about 60% of the beautiful peace loving people were from New Mexico, New York, California, Boston, USA, Montreal, London, Ontario, Canada, Australia, Austria, Poland, to mention a few.

On the first day of the event, March 15th, 2013, it was planned for half the number of people to go to see John of God. However, that did not happen as is usually done in Brazil and elsewhere. To the planners’ surprise. John of God came to the stage and invited anyone who wanted a spiritual intervention (i.e. spiritual surgery / invisible surgery) to join the line. Immediately many people, twice the number of people that were planned for, joined the morning line for spiritual intervention.

Many people commented that the energy was very strong and they felt it. Passing in front Joao De Deus was a brief encounter, but I am sure some sort of healing took place at a certain level, for  all who were there, whether they  realise it or not.

Opportunity was afforded for brief individual praying in front of a wooden frame Triangle mounted on the mail wall, draped in white. Attendees took pictures and requests from family and friends and holding them in their hands facing the Triangle prayed humbly and sincerely. Bins were positioned on the floor and were  receptacles for the pictures and written requests. Both of my parents offered prayers and they experienced a surge of energy, their knees shaking uncontrollably as they prayed. Without a doubt the energy in the hall was intense and everyone was experiencing a healing of some dimension.

Now, there is an amazing story, a testimony from a lady from Manhattan, New York, USA. Sorry, I do not remember her name and did not get the chance to write it down.

On Saturday March 16th, I had a brief conversation with the lady from New York.  She told me that she got busted, that one of the mediums there told her that she is of the medical profession. She also told me that she is a doctor, a gynecologist, and performs surgeries. I then told her I have some facts for her, that there is no other doctor on the planet earth, who can do what Joao De Deus does, neither all of the doctors put together can do what he does. Personal beliefs, cultural background, religion, professional doctrines, all will only interpret the way you perceive the facts or truths but will not change them.

I was a little surprised that the this doctor from New York had never read or seen any other material about Joao De Deus, but simply brought her mother to see Joao De Deus. She was not aware of all the other physical surgeries, eye, nose, brain, teeth extraction, breast, chest, back, to mention a few, that Joao De Deus does in Brazil. She thought that Joao De Deus does only spiritual intervention as is taking place in Toronto. In North America and Europe he is not allowed to do physical surgery but only invisible, spiritual intervention. Furthermore the word surgery is not allowed to be used here, but only intervention can be used for safety and legal purpose.

Once, in Brazil, I timed an eye surgery in 73 seconds. Let us see the real doctors in this world do that, with or without a surgical knife, sometimes with a mere kitchen knife, and without western anaesthetics, and Joao De Deus does not have even have to be looking at times when surgery is performed.

On Sunday morning March 17th, before the morning secession started, I met the same New York surgeon, but this time she was not smiling as before and looked rather mesmerized and perplexed. So I approached her and asked what had happened. She then started to relate her story. She said that about 2:00 a.m., a Blue Light appeared to her mother and said “18 stitches”. Her mother felt a sharp pain below her navel and went back to sleep, thinking that she was dreaming. At 6:00 am in the morning the mother told her daughter, the doctor, of the occurrence and the doctor then decided to examine the area. The doctor was shocked, grabbed her camera and showed her mother the photo, a long cut just below her navel. The mother got up from her bed and then went to use the wash room. It was then that the doctor saw three red lines, in a vertical order, on one of her shoulders. A photo was again taken.

The doctor said from her medical and surgical experience, the cut below her mom’s navel was a clean incision, reminiscent of the surgery she performs in her practice, and  that is it appeared to be a day three  post-op surgery. I personally saw  the photos on her camera and understood right away what had happened. Her mother is a believer and the doctor is partially  open minded, but had some doubts due to her medical professional doctrines and would need hard core evidence to believe in this type of intervention. Thus the Entity chose to refrain from the invisible surgeries for the mother but instead delivered the healing at 2:00 am in the hotel room, thereby, providing the physical proof the doctor needed.

At this point, Gail Thackray, the host of a spiritual TV series and film producer (author of book John of God, Just a Man and also in DVD Joao De Deus - Just a Man) and  Josef  Schoeffmann , were nearby. I went and told them that I got an interesting story for them and presented the New York doctor with her mother. Shortly after, the doctor and her mother gracefully told their story on stage to all. Of course, to Gail and Josef, this is all normal with Joao De Deus and the Entities, because they have seen many, many interesting things over the years in Abadiania, Brazil and elsewhere in the world.

At this moment, my surprise came when the offer came for the volunteers to pass in front of Joao De Deus. I was very excited as I joined the line to pass in front of this God gifted, and very special Being. The encountered was brief and spiritual intervention was ordered. I stayed until the end, but struggled to get home later as my chest and head were vibrating and buzzing.  Then my family and I went home and every one fell into deep sleep. Even the next days, for 24 hours, my chest and head were still vibrating and I could hardly stand up, and stayed in all day. It was not a headache and sensations very different, just buzzing vibrations. I felt dazed.

It was indeed a great honour for both me and my sister, Satie (also a Casa guide), to be volunteers for the three days event. Giving something back to the Casa De Dom Inacio was a blessed opportunity and a life changing experience, as always, being in the presence of Joao De Deus.

May God continue to bless medium Joao De Deus with health and strength for him to continue doing his miraculous work for a long time.

* Satesh Narain has visited the Casa, ‘holy spot’, many times since his first visit in 2005 to see the Miracle Man of Brazil. His report on the visit was published in July 2007 issue of South Asian Outlook e-Monthly. Two years ago, Satesh took time off and went to New Jersey and took someone, who is in a wheel chair, to the Casa for two weeks and the results were very interesting.



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