John of God Performing Miracles for Over 50 Years

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Editor's Note: After having heard so much about John of God over the years, it was a nice experience to see him in person and feel the current / energy flow during my visit on the first day. We had an opportunity, the previous evening, to meet Susie and her husband, Gurudeva, with a group who had travelled with them from US. They explained in detail of what was to follow the next morning.

By Susie Verde *

For over fifty years, the man dubbed “John of God” has been doing what most of us would call miracles—healing malignant tumors without a cut, helping the blind to see again, supporting the lame to walk once more.  Though by now he’s seen millions, who come to him from all over the world, John of God still says he has never healed anybody, turning over that credit to “God and the Good Spirits.”  What seems clear is that he is a vehicle (or “medium”) for some of the most amazing healing work taking place on the planet today.

John of God visited Canada for the first time ever, in an event that drew over 6,000 people to the Metro Convention Center, March 15 - 17, 2013. They came from various parts of North America in search of spiritual healing. John of God brought hope and faith to so many and his visit opened a door of new possibility that can hardly be expressed in words.  Throughout the three days, the energy was very high, as people meditated to inspiring music, listened to heartfelt testimonials, prayed for loved ones, passed in front of the astral doctors that John of God incorporates, and received invisible spiritual healing interventions from him.

I was privileged to serve as a speaker for the event, helping to introduce him and his work to many who had never seen him before.  Over the three days, I encountered so many people whose experiences were breathtaking.  A local MD surgeon reported on the authenticity of the healing surgical marks that magically appeared on her mother overnight in areas where she had sought healing. A skeptic who voiced his cynicism publically on Saturday sought me out on Sunday to express his extraordinary gratitude for the blessings he received, clearly with his heart now open.  A nearly blind young man who flew from Poland to visit John of God with his Toronto-based sister so inspired a Polish American businessman that he helped to fund his ongoing treatment.


Coincidentally, on the very Sunday that John of God was in Toronto, Oprah’s Next Chapter aired a full hour of her discoveries during her first visit to John of God in Brazil last year, following up the 2010 interviews she did for The Oprah Show and article by the editor of O Magazine based on her personal experience. As his fame has spread, major world media, prominent MDs, energy researchers, and spiritual leaders have joined the thousands who visit him every month in Abadiânia, Brazil, a little village in the center of Brazil situated over a massive crystal bed. The come in search of answers, help and healing, and leave with a deeper connection to life’s mysteries and a profound sense of peace.

John of God is a simple man, with a fourth-grade education and no medical training.  When referred to as a healer, he humbly says, “I’m only a channel.” Through the phenomenon known as “incorporation,” a group of highly evolved spirits or "Entities" take over his body and perform the miraculous healings, while he remains completely in trance and unconscious. The healings take place on many levels—spiritual, mental, emotional and physical—and for many, they mark the starting point of an entirely new chapter of life. The reports of miraculous healings and deeply transforming experiences are endless and deeply touching. They really invite us into a deep reflection on what is possible for those who have an open heart and mind.

According to Brazilian Spiritism (the philosophical underpinning of this work), it‘s through our loving service to others that we evolve spiritually. Love is ultimately what this wonderful work is all about and it’s available to all of us, right here and right now.

My own experience in Abadiânia was totally life changing. After arriving there with breast cancer in the beginning of 2005, I was totally healed in less then three months. But that was only the beginning!  I moved to the U.S. and married my American fiancé who had walked this path of healing hand-in-hand with me. I began a whole new career in service to healing and spiritual development, including our Colorado John of God meditations and guided trips to Brazil, which has resulted in a lovely extended community of several hundred.

* Susie Verde is a Brazilian medium, certified guide for John of God, and an inspirational speaker and teacher. She lives with her husband, Gurudeva Khalsa, in Boulder, Colorado, where they coordinate the John of God Circles of Colorado, and assemble groups from across North America to visit him in Brazil. Their next trips to Brazil will be:

July 29 – Aug 10, 2013

Nov 18 – 30, 2013

For more information, please access their website at:

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