PM Announces Changes to the Ministry

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Video - PM announces changes to the Ministry

By A Correspondent

Prime Minister Stephen Harper on July 15 announced changes to the federal Ministry that will continue to focus on creating jobs, growth and long-term prosperity in all regions of the country.

"Since our election in 2011 our Government has kept taxes low and put our finances on a sustainable path,” said the Prime Minister. "This fall, we will continue on with the work we have been doing on behalf of all Canadians.”

"These changes to the Ministry feature both younger Members of Parliament ready for new opportunities, and steady hands that will continue to deliver strong leadership in key portfolios. In particular, I am proud to welcome four new strong and capable women to the Cabinet table," added the Prime Minister.

"In addition to the economy, our Government will continue to keep our streets and communities safe, celebrate our history, and promote Canada’s interests on the world stage. This new Ministry will work hard on behalf of all Canadians," concluded Prime Minister Harper.

Canadian Ministry (PDF)

JULY 2017

Vol. 11 - No. 12


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