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Canadians are too resigned to graft : At first glance, Canada ranks as a relative boy scout in a new report benchmarking global corruption. Only 3 per cent of Canadians admit paying a bribe last year, scoring among an elite group of upright nations. But a closer look reveals a worrisome lack of trust in public officials, and considerable resignation to presumed crookedness. Read More…

Toronto flooding shows how Indian metros are better off in coping with disasters: One hour of torrential rains and everything in this major urban centre of the so-called developed world came to a standstill!  Yes, it was the heaviest rainfall of 126mm to fall on this city. But mind you it was not some sweeping flood, it was low-lying areas getting inundated in a matter of minutes. But it is astounding that everyone from an individual to an organization, a neighbourhood, a city and a region didn’t just know what to do at an unexpected natural occurrence. So much for being part of a developed country!  Read More…

First-ever Indian shrine built in North America was gurdwara in Golden City in 1890:   A gurdwara is always a milestone for the Sikh community in any area as it signifies their presence in that area. It was over a century ago that the pioneering Sikhs built their first gurdwara in North America in the city of Golden in British Columbia. As the birthplace of Sikhism lies thousands of miles away from North America, the year 1890 thus has a special significance in the annals of Sikh history in North America. That year a gurdwara was established first time in North America.  Read More…

JULY 2017

Vol. 11 - No. 12


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