Expanding Canadian Resources into New Markets

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By Parm Gill
MP from Brampton Springdale

Canada’s natural resources are vital to our country’s current and long-term prosperity. From coast to coast to coast, Canada has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources in sectors as diverse as energy, forestry, minerals and metals. These natural resources will be the backbone of our country’s continued economic growth and prosperity and will help create thousands of high-quality jobs for hard-working Canadians.

Of particular importance are Canada’s energy sectors. Canada has the third-largest known oil reserves in the world, is the fifth-largest producer of hydroelectricity and is the fifth-largest producer of natural gas. This means that we not only have the resources to meet our needs, but we are also well positioned to supply the energy needs of growing markets.

That’s why our Conservative Government is helping unleash the potential of Canada’s energy sectors through a number of projects designed to help deliver jobs and economic growth here at home.

One such project is TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline. This proposed pipeline would create more than 10,000 jobs during construction and over 1,000 once completed, these jobs would be spread out across the country to every province along the pipeline’s route.

It would also bring in roughly $10 billion in tax revenues to help fund important services that Canadians rely on, such as health care and education.

This pipeline would not only help deliver western oil to eastern provinces, but would also help Canadian companies to expand into new markets abroad and help grow our economy.

In addition to supporting job creation and economic growth, our plan for Responsible Resource Development also includes environmental protection and promotion.

Our Government has introduced a world-class oil tanker safety system that will help facilitate more trade while establishing better safety regulations to protect Canada’s seas and coastlines.

At the same time, we’ve made substantial investments in the production of cleaner energy and cleaner fuels. Since 2006, our Government has invested more than $10 billion on green infrastructure, energy efficiency and clean energy technologies.

In fact, a 2011 report by the International Energy Agency determined that Canada was second only to Germany in its rate of energy efficiency improvement among 16 industrialized countries.

Our Conservative Government is dedicated to helping ensure Canada remains a strong and prosperous country. That’s why we will remain hard at work enhancing Canada’s position as a stable, secure and environmentally responsible energy supplier to North America and the world.

JULY 2017

Vol. 11 - No. 12


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