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By Amitava Chakrabarty *

See what fate has come to this land
The land that yielded gold
Is now the ‘killing field’- a brand
Embossed and it firmly holds.

The rice- bowl district had seen in past
Indiscriminate killings,
Where mother fed rice with son’s blood
And today the culprits prowl.

The hapless, hopeless middle class
Was ruled by silent terror,
Where every tongue of resistance-
Came under the chopper.

The humid fertile land still accepts
Thousands from its west or east,
Who spits, litters and vitiates
And cares for the land the least.

The troop of torment has now broken
And diffused silently to other camp
But their thirst for blood has risen
Oh! “The Change” was just a sham.

* Amitava Chakrabarty is a Dock Pilot of Kolkata Port Trust, a freelance writer and a poet. His poems, features, articles and stories have been published in newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and web magazines in India and abroad. His books of poems – Solitude & So I Used Gray and Other Poems- have been well accepted in India and abroad. He was invited to The Struga Poetry Festival in 2011.


Vol. 12 - No. 3


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