Liberals Unveil New Caucus Team

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By A Correspondent

Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau on August 21 announced the team of caucus leaders, issues advocates and critics who will carry out the hard work necessary to prepare the Party for the 2015 election.

“I am proud to unveil these changes to our team, which reflect the experience and energy of the women and men in our caucus,” said Mr. Trudeau. “During the upcoming Parliamentary session, and as we approach the next federal election, Liberals will continue to hold the Harper Conservatives to account, but also engage with Canadians on the issues that are important to them.”

While Stephen Harper and the Conservatives continue to focus on themselves and their own interests, Liberal issues advocates and critics will represent and build relationships with a broad range of communities and individuals across the country. Meeting next week in Prince Edward Island, the caucus team has exciting work ahead with fellow Liberals in their ridings, in the House of Commons and preparing for the upcoming Biennial Convention in Montréal.

 “The Liberal Caucus is focused on Canadians and providing them with the positive leadership they want and deserve,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Our priorities remain building a stronger middle class so that we can build a stronger economy for all Canadians, and raising the bar on openness and transparency to restore confidence in our democracy. We will be reaching out to people in all regions of our great country, listening to their concerns and ideas, and ensuring that the policies we present in the coming months genuinely address the day-to-day economic and social pressures Canadians are facing.”

For the full list of Liberal Party of Canada, please see link @ Members of Parliament and Senators.


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