Achieving Excellence Thru Stress Management

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By A Correspondent

Modern civilization is engulfed with high degree of stress due to their extravagant life style. This is affecting our health, mental peace, family life and business success. Therefore, stress Management is essential in the modern competitive world to achieve excellence in businesses and other professions, said Nikhil Desai, International Speaker, Motivator & Trainer. Mr. Desai was interacting with the ICCC members at the ICCC headquarter at 924 The Eastmall Toronto on 31 October 2014.

Stress management starts with identifying the reasons of stress in your life; such as work stress, job loss, unemployment and sometime emotional setbacks with relatives or with close friends. Stress obstructs your efficiency at work and makes you underperformer despite the fact that you are capable of doing things perfectly. So to avoid such situations one needs to be relaxed, spend some time with kids, watching light comedy on the TV or having a walk with friends. It helps you in changing your thoughts and keeping your mind away from the stressful thoughts, said Desai.

Mr. Desai, also demonstrated some breathing techniques, physical exercises and laughter techniques to control stress, in which attendees also participated.

Mr. Desai concluded his session commenting that stress free brain works smarter, faster and take prompt decisions which ultimately lead to excellence in business and profession.

"What could be better than this that Chamber is organising its first event at headquarter on such a wonderful topic" said Dharma P Jain, President. Mr. Jain congratulated the ICCC members to being part of the ICCC success story of making this dream true for having our own building. He said that managing stress is all about taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, schedule, and the way you deal with problems.

Naval Bajaj, Immediate Past President, apprised members about buying the building and its renovation. He also thanked past board members for supporting him and thanked the current leadership for obtaining all regulatory permits to start ICCC operations.

Tony Chawla, Vice President, ICCC was the master of ceremony for the evening.

Rajni Tekriwal, VP & Corporate Secretary introduced the speaker while Mr. Ajay Gupta, Director ICCC gave vote of thanks.

The session was well received by audiences and concluded by distributing Chamber lapel pins to members.

JULY 2017

Vol. 11 - No. 12


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