Federal Government Must Stop Cutting Housing Funding

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Ontario Minister Jeffrey on Harper Government plans to annual cut  of over half a billion dollar

 By A Correspondent

Ontario is calling on the federal government to make a long term commitment to affordable housing. The current plan by the federal government would see social housing funding in Ontario decrease by $267 million over the next 10 years and fully evaporate by 2033. Some housing projects have already lost their funding support. 

“Such significant cuts to housing are completely unacceptable,” said Linda Jeffrey Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing: “When individuals and families have a home to call their own, they have improved health, education and employment prospects.”

Minister Jeffrey called on the federal government to change course and continue its funding for housing.  If the federal government continues with its plan by 2018-19 funding for housing will be reduced by 15%.

“I am hopeful that the Harper Government will see the error of its ways and continue funding housing for those in need in Ontario,” said Jeffrey.  “The cuts are already having an impact on the people of Ontario.  Homes that have been used for low income families are losing their funding and families are being left to fend for themselves.”

Since 2003, Ontario’s funding commitment of nearly $3 billion is the largest affordable housing program in the province’s history.  Ontario is supporting the creation of over 17,000 affordable rental housing units, making more than 263,000 repairs and improvements to social and affordable housing units, and providing rental down payment assistance to over 81,000 households in need.

On June 25, 2013, Provincial and Territorial Ministers Responsible for Housing met to discuss the business case for a long-term funding commitment with the federal government. The ministers have called on the federal Minister Responsible for Housing, Jason Kenney, to meet with them to address the housing needs of Canadians and to date no meeting has been scheduled.


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