Little Terrors To Be Released in Theatres on September 12

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By A Correspondent 

A 13-year-old American boy is recruited by terrorists to bomb the US embassy in New Delhi, India. After being brainwashed, he is sent to live with a Muslim family prior to the attack. However, the man harbouring him begins to play a dangerous cat and mouse game while trying to convince the boy to not go through with the bombing. This is the crux of the film, Little Terrors, which is slated to hit cinemas across Canada on September 12, 2014.

The 103-minute film, inspired by true events, is scripted in English and will also be dubbed in Hindi. Award-winning filmmaker Maninder Chana has directed this English feature film, which was shot over a gruelling schedule of 20 consecutive days in various parts of rural Punjab and Rajasthan in India.

"Making Little Terrors, like its subject matter, was chaotic,” says award-winning filmmaker Chana currently in post-production on his fourth feature film.  “Shooting in India was at many times a daunting task given the varying differences between how films are made in the west and how they are here. Simplifying it down: it was ‘art of coercion’ versus ‘the art of cooperation’, which was the main difference for me. While there are surprises everyday on film set, rolling with the punches over there proved difficult but ultimately rewarding given the final product.”

Little Terrors has a versatile mix of an international star cast including veteran actor Om Puri, Deep Dhillon and Nirmal Rishi along with a younger and newer cast such as Armaan Kabli, Harjot Thandi and Dulha Bajwa.   While stalwarts like Om Puri and Deep Dhillon provide a powerful performance, the younger cast members hold their ground, providing a diverse style of acting. 

“Making this film was challenging, but we persevered and finally bring the final product to audiences,” say Dave Mangat and Ken Gill, producers of the film.   “The film is being released in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia on September 12 and we do believe that audiences will like the film.”

The multi-level movie that focuses on various facets of Islam is broken up into chapters, each of which begins or ends with a quote from the Hadiths, the sayings of Prophet Muhammad. Without coming across as preachy, Little Terrors brings home the message to go back to the beginning to understand Islam, instead of following the middleman's version of the religion.

The film releases in theatres across Canada on September 12.

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