Power Packed Duo and a Percussion Treat at Small World Music!

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By Zayetta Dasgupta *

Small World Music, a charitable organization, is a sought- after stage for high caliber artists in Toronto, developing a community outreach that transcends to simply, music.  Canadian performers along with international artists share their passion and talent at Small World Music, a multicultural community, speaking music and bridging gaps across oceans.  Their first show was held in 1997 and since then, Small World Music has conducted nearly 400 events showcasing many Canadian debuts by performers from around the world. Established performers from diverse cultures bring in various musical evenings that enchant audiences  through evenings never to be forgotten.

One such evening was on May 3, 2015 at the semi casual, yet very colourful Lula Lounge. There, the musical galore presented by the power packed duo, Gurpreet Chana and Robert Bach .attracted some 200 people 

Gurpreet Chana, a Canadian by birth but with roots in India, has been regaling listeners with his percussion talent for a long time. He plays the traditional tabla along Robert Bach who plays the violin and they combine their music with modern electronic music played on laptop. 

The show began with ‘Snowday’, performing magical trance music. It was a treat to the ears, followed by an excellent mix of music by DJ Medicine Man. 

His mixes were uncommon, not to be heard otherwise in DJ led shows.  He played an interesting combination of deep house, trance fusion music with a touch from the Far Eastern and Middle-Eastern world.

After almost an hour and a half, it was time to light up the night with the much-awaited performance by Gurpreet and Robert.

As soon as the beats of tabla and melodies of violin coupled with electronic music, the lounge floor filled up with the audience grooving to their tunes.  Overall it was a night of foot-tapping fun.

* Zayetta Dasgupta is a marketing and communication strategist for digital and offline media with a deep interest in the arts.


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