Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Launches

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His First Restaurant in Canada

By A Correspondent

Popular Indian Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who has been captivating audiences with his delectable recipes and a range of food products over many decades, is all set to tingle the taste buds of Indian food lovers with the official launch of his restaurant in Khazana in Brampton, Canada.

Located on Airport Road, Khazana, bathed in colours of the five elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Space and Air - aims to focus on enhanced hospitality and operational excellence and to offer families and young professionals an exceptional Indian fine dining experience with a luxurious ambience.

The Celebrity Chef’s unique and exclusive recipes with a contemporary twist, competitively priced at Khazana, offers some mouth-watering delicacies like Shaam Savera, Puran Singh da Tariwala Murgh,Tandoori Aaloo Nazakat, Bhati Ka Murgh Boti Kebab and Pakhtooni Burra among others.

Khazana is sprawled over more than 7000 sq ft with a seating capacity of over 250 people and is Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s first restaurant to change the landscape of Indian food in North America.

Shailesh Gangwani and Kultaran Mann, co-owners of Khazana say: “Our goal is to enhance the Indian fine dining experience and create a wealth of memorable culinary experiences. The menu is a mix of traditional selections from every corner of India and is testimony to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s fierce passion for Indian cuisine. It is a labour of love, with recipes from across the Indian subcontinent coupled with special ingredients to maintain the authenticity of each recipe.”

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is a household name in the Indian Diaspora and Indian food lovers as TV show host, author of best-selling cookbooks, restaurant consultant, architect of a unique range of food products and winner of numerous culinary awards. Fondly dubbed the “God of Indian food”, he was recently called upon to cater for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Dubai. Mr. Kapoor has also been invited to the White House where he was given a tour of the historic kitchen which prepares food for US President Barack Obama, his family and the guests every day and had an intensive  discussion with the team of White House chefs.

The Celebrity Chef will be in Toronto on a two day visit in October for the grand launch and will speak  about the restaurant and his global vision for Indian cuisine.


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