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By Jason Kenney

I want to share with you the reasons for my recent decision to leave Parliament after two decades.

In recent months, thousands of friends across Canada encouraged me to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada to renew the national party at a challenging time. I am humbled by their confidence in me.

However, I recently decided to seek the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta in order to unite conservatives, defeat the NDP government, and get Alberta back on the right track.

In many ways, Alberta has been the engine of Canada’s economy in recent years, and the heart of Canada’s conservative movement. The NDP is currently doing terrible damage to the province’s economy, and by extension to the national economy. It is attacking the entrepreneurial spirit that made Alberta prosperous, and is now planning to politicize the education system with its ideological brand of social engineering. A second term of NDP government could have catastrophic and irreversible implications for both my home province, and for Canada.

After months of consultation and careful discernment, I concluded that only a united conservative movement in Alberta could prevent such damage, and that I am uniquely positioned to bring about such unity. Below are links to the speech and presentation I recently delivered outlining my plan to do so.

In order to commit myself completely to the huge task before me, I will be resigning from my seat in the House of Commons when the PC leadership campaign formally begins in October. I have had the great honour of representing my constituents and fighting for our values in Parliament for the past nineteen years. I want to thank you and the thousands of Canadians who have assisted or encouraged me in that work.

In particular, I want to thank those who have done so much over the past decade to help me in our important work of making the Conservative Party a natural home for new Canadians, and members of our diverse cultural communities. Between 2004 and 2011 we managed to more than double the support of new Canadians for the Conservative Party, and even in the difficult 2015 federal election voters who immigrated to Canada were more likely to vote Conservative than those who were born here. Ours is the only centre-right party in the world for whom that is true, a fact which makes me enormously proud of our work in encouraging people of diverse backgrounds to vote their values!

I am also deeply grateful to those who helped me achieve so much in my public service over the past decade:

  • As Canada's longest-serving Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, implementing fundamental reforms to help new Canadians succeed, while strengthening the fairness and integrity of the system;

  • As Minister of Employment, where I launched the skills agenda to boost trades training, and implemented the Canada Jobs Grant;

  • As Minister of National Defence, working with our brave men and women in uniform, and deploying the Canadian Armed Forces to take the fight to ISIL in the Middle East, and to Ukraine to strengthen their defenses; and

  • As Minister of Multiculturalism, where we emphasized the importance of integration, civic literacy, and our shared values.

After ten years in office, the last federal election was a difficult one for Conservatives. There are lessons to be learned in all humility, but we can still be immensely proud of what we achieved under Stephen Harper’s leadership, including:

  • Cutting the federal tax burden to its lowest level in six decades;

  • Giving Canada the strongest economy in the G7 throughout the global crisis;

  • Restoring balance to the justice system;

  • Giving Canada a strong and principled voice in world affairs; and

  • Giving prairie farmers marketing choice, scrapped the long gun registry, and did so much else to expand freedom.

Thanks in part to the great work of our brilliant interim Leader Rona Ambrose, I am truly optimistic about the future of the Conservative Party of Canada. We have a strong caucus, energized grassroots members, and a strong foundation. I believe that the Trudeau Liberal government is already planting the seeds of its demise with policies that Canadians will reject, from higher taxes and debt, to weakening our national security and role in world affairs.

I hope that you will help Rona Ambrose and our team in Ottawa in this important work.

Here are some ways that you can help me in my campaign to get Alberta back on the right track:

  1. If you are an Alberta resident, please sign up at We will let you know how you can vote in the PC leadership election, volunteer, or help in other ways.

  2. If you live outside of Alberta, you could help by encouraging Alberta friends to help us by signing up at, or to donate financially to our campaign. We can only accept contributions from Alberta residents.

  3. Like my page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, and share my content with your friends — everybody we reach represents a potential new voter.

  4. Once our campaign is fully up and running, we would always be happy to have extra help from volunteers from across Canada. If you’re interested in helping us out, please sign up here.

Thank you again for your encouragement, advice, and support in the past. I am excited about the new challenge that I am facing, and believe that together, we can continue to fight for the values that have made Canada an example to the world, the true North strong and free!

Read launch speech here.


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