Liberals Must Answer Questions Before

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Sending Troops to a War Zone

James Bezan, Official Opposition Critic for National Defence, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Associate Critic for National Defence, issued the following statement in response to the Liberal government’s refusal to address serious concerns about the safety of Canadian troops:
“This week the world witnessed attacks on both UN peacekeeping forces and African Union security officials in Somalia, by members of Al-Shabab. A terrorist organization that has been waging guerrilla warfare against UN forces since 2011, Al-Shabab has pledged to eliminate all foreign troops in Somalia. With over 100 peacekeepers killed since 2013, these conflict zones have been recognized by the UN Security Council as the deadliest mission for UN troops.

“In spite of these dangers, the Liberal government remains persistent in their refusal to address the serious concerns that have risen in response to their commitment of Canadians troops to conflict zones in Africa. This decision, which neglects the responsibility that the government has to our men and women in uniform, also clearly demonstrates that the Liberals’ defence policy review is nothing more than window dressing.
“Before the Liberals send our troops into a war zone against jihadi terrorists, we call on the government to bring this to Parliament for a debate and vote. Canadians are demanding to know where and when will our troops be deployed? How many will be deployed? Will they be given the necessary tools to defend themselves?  What are the rules of engagement?
“Canada must stand up for the rights and freedoms of those who cannot do so for themselves. In turn, the government must ensure that our troops are prepared to confront all threats they may face. Canadians deserve to know why this Liberal government is refusing to be transparent with Canadians about their plan for our troops.”


Vol. 12 - No. 3


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