ICCC Winter Gala Brings Vegas to Canada

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By A Correspondent

Vegas Evening at the Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton was a showstopper of entertainment programs at the annual Winter Gala of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce. The audiences had never experienced anything quite like this ever before, and by the time the evening drew to a close, it was evident that they wouldn’t see anything quite like this in a long time.

The evening began with the stunning flamenco showgirls welcoming the guests into the venue, and an illusionist was strolling down the corridor weaving magic in his wake. Suitably dazzled by the welcoming showgirls, the guests then proceeded into the glittering space for the razzmatazz to begin, and it began with a song and dance routine straight from the chorus line of the sin city and music from the city’s radio city music hall. The seven dancers and the aerialist enhanced the mood with their moves

Even as the music was gradually reaching a crescendo, the rich and varied Indian cuisine was gracefully rolled out, with baigan ka bhartha prepared in desi ghee occupying centre-stage. It was only in the desi dinner menu that the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce bowed to the Indian taste buds, but even there, the menu was a lovely mix of fine dining cuisine combined with the zesty mixture of wok style street food.

Even as the guests began to satiate themselves to the delicacies they are forewarned that they should leave some room for the magnificent chocolate fountain that has been set up as a finale for the grand evening. The entertainment, the décor, the menu were all geared to meet just one grand design – to give the guests at the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce’s annual Winter Gala 2016 an unforgettable and an unparalleled experience.

Honourable Members of Parliament Ruby Sahota and Gagan Sikand mingled with the guests as did Members of the Provincial Parliament Minister Deepika Damerla, Amrit Mangat, Bob Delaney, Harinder Malhi and Patrick Brown. Her Worship the Mayor of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie lent her support to the program. People liked the show and appreciated the ICCC for its incredible work under the new leadership. 

Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Winter Gala, popularly known as Holiday Dinner & Dance is one of the Chamber’s marquee events, and also one of the most popular Indo-Canadian community event in the Greater Toronto Area. The event is attended by large number of guests including members, sponsors, stakeholders, friends of the community, professionals, entrepreneurs, senior representative of corporations, government officials, political leaders, and opinion makers. The program comprises a blend of theme-based entertainment, spectacular songs and dance sequences and sumptuous culinary delights.

Vegas Evening was the theme for 2016 Winter Gala. This year, the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce took its guests to Las Vegas to soak them in the many splendours of the city that doesn’t sleep. It was an evening about fun, frolic and a lot of masti.

As Arun Srivastava, President of ICCC said, “Everyone must have noticed the décor of the venue – it’s straight out of Vegas – the red carpet, the flamenco dancers, the backdrop, the magic tricks. Everything here is bound to evoke an unmistakable feeling that you’re in Las Vegas. But for the absence of the roulette wheel, the pool table and the slot machines, everything is indeed as it would be in Las Vegas. We have brought for you everything from the Sin City except the Sin.”


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