Toronto - Calcutta Foundation Gala Dinner for Charity

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By Chandra Chatterjee              Photos  taken by Santanu Chakravarty

TCF held its 10th Annual Gala Dinner on Friday November 18th at the Hilton Garden Inn, Vaughan. The evening was a celebration of TCF’s fundraising efforts this year and was a great success, with all who attended. Proceeds from this fundraising dinner will go to the charities which TCF runs in Calcutta, India as well as the work it does supporting Women’s Habitat here in Toronto.

After an introduction by the President, Mr. Mihir Ray, the MC’s Sujoy Chatterjee and Ziad Yehia took over the mike and livened up the evening. They guided the guests as the evening proceeded and introduced the guest speakers and performers who made the event so memorable.

Enthralling Bharatanatyam in the form of Ganesh Vandana  was provided by the talented and beautiful Sanskruthi Marathe.  Nandita Dias and Tricia Roy mesmerized the audience with their rendering of cherished melodies both old and new.

Ms. Karlyn Percil-Mercieca, founder of Sistertalk, motivational speaker, life coach and entrepreneur, spoke eloquently for the cause of empowering womanhood and encouraging women in leadership roles.

The keynote speaker, Mr Joe Li, Regional Councilor for the Markham and York region, was interviewed by Sujoy Chatterjee and shared many valuable and motivational ideas ranging from youth leadership to serving the community and country in more meaningful ways. His experience as an immigrant, and his initial struggle to survive and establish himself struck a cord in many of those present, as did his words of encouragement and hope for everyone.

Dr. Tapas Mondal of McMaster University spoke about the McMaster Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) initiative.  The initiative is meant to raise awareness about CPR training which includes designing a multilingual website containing CPR training video, establishing pre- and post training questionnaires to determine training efficacy, and developing and implementing CPR mannequins for practice and feedback. 

There were presentations by our kind sponsors Questrade Wealth Management and Sunlife Financial informing guests of services offered by these companies.

TCF’s Manoshi Chatterjee brought the whole spectrum of TCF’s charitable efforts to life through a presentation which gave the guests a detailed look at the work that TCF does. Guests had a chance to see and understand why TCF is such a deserving candidate for their donations this year and in the coming years.

Dinner was a gourmet affair created by Cuisine of India. It gave an opportunity for longtime friends and supporters of TCF to mingle with newer attendees. The MC’s exhorted all to open their hearts and so they did.

Due to the generosity of TCF’s wonderful sponsors and guests, the total funds brought in that evening exceeded 47K, which was applauded by one and all.

In conclusion, this Gala Dinner was a resounding success, thanks to all who organized and participated in this worthy event.


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