Catching The Right Time

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A Short Story by Kapal Dhir *

On a Sunday evening, I was just leisurely strolling in a park. Suddenly my eyes met with those of an old friend Gaurav whom I had not seen for a long time. Immediately I rushed to him and embraced him. I was, however, puzzled to see that he did not reciprocate my enthusiasm.  A closer look made me feel that he was not well, or may be he seemed to be mentally inert. I interrupted my walk and sat with him on a bench.

Without going into preliminaries, I asked directly what ailed him. Since he was an old friend, he confided:

“Of late, I have been passing through a very bad time. My business is causing me mental stress which in turn in telling on my physical health also. Sales are showing a downward graph and consequently the business results are in red.”

“I understand”. Consolingly I said, “But there is an overall depression in the trade and industry at present,”

“Yes, I know,” he conceded. “But with low capital input, I have to resort to more borrowings, resulting into higher incidence of interest. In fact I want to consult a good astrologer who can get me out of this situation. But I am told they charge a lot that I can ill-afford. Do you know any good person in that line?”

“Yes, I do. He is the best and only he can do the job. He can tell your past very correctly, predict the future and suggest means for you to be out of woods very effectively. And he does not charge anything.”

“Fine, where can I meet him and when?”

“Any time you make up your mind.”

“Who is he?” Enthusiasm and rays of hope were quite noticeable in his speech and face.

“It is you, my friend, and none else.” I smiled.

“No, no!” He looked puzzled. “What do I know of astrology or palmistry?”

Deliberately I kept mum. At that moment, I noticed a water tap fixed just near our bench. The last user has failed to completely turn it off. Small water drops were gradually oozing out one by one. I drew Gaurav’s attention towards it. But having been absorbed in his own worries, he could not make anything out of it.

“Look there attentively.” I pointed out. “The water is coming through the tap which is supplied from a tank where water is stored. The pipe line through which it passes down to the tap is made of metal and hence not transparent. You see the water ONLY at that particular moment when it comes out of the tap. You may use the water at that moment only, before it drops on to the ground. Only you, and none else, have to understand for your benefit, that the drop that has fallen on the ground is your PAST which you can do nothing about.

“The water not yet flown but is still in the tank and in the non-transparent pipe line is your FUTURE which you know nothing about. Even the quantity of the water still to flow and also its quality – muddy or filtered-  also are not known to you.

“Only the particular drop of water from the end of the tap will be yours provided you catch it just after it leaves the tap but before it falls on the ground. This is your PRESENT.

“But mind it, it is only in the moment that you can notice that the water is muddy. Then you may think and find out ways and means to cleanse the tank and the pipe line, and also to regulate the supply of water. But this thought of regulating the supply and cleansing of water can arise only if you concentrate on your present. Only that moment can stimulate you to plan for future pure supply of water and take corrective measures. May be any plumber, -- a business expert in your case – can help you trace the source of mud spoiling the purity. This is called planning and its execution. Then you can be sure that even the non-transparent pipe line can not obstruct the view of the quality and quantity of the water to come.

“Water already flown out of he tap is your past. There is no use now crying over the split milk - or water in this case.”

“But this seems to be difficult”, protested Gaurav.

“It is difficult because you are committed in your mind that any astrologer can hand you over the prosperity instantly. That is why you think it is difficult. But even after consulting any fortune-teller, you have to go through the process such as I have suggested. And mind it, the loss of moments accumulates in loss of years. You have to capture the moments to grab a year. This MOMENT is a gift from God to every one. That is why is it is termed as PRESENT.”

After a pause of some minutes, I said again, “This is last piece of advice. In cricket parlance, they say ‘A run saved is a run made.’ Similarly in business, a rupee saved is a rupee earned’.

This seems to have struck his mind. He wore his thinking cap but uttered nothing, though he looked enthusiastic.

After a year, he came to thank me because his business was flourishing. I advised him to always thank his own Will and determination that helped him to catch the present moment. I was happy that he was on the right track.

* Kapal Dhir is a retired Financial Controller who is passionate about spirituality and learning from various religions. He is an avid reader, loves to write and gives lectures on various aspects of life. One of his short stories, The Rickshaw Wala has also appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul - Miracles. He can be reached at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vol. 12 - No. 3


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