Kashmir: Passing The Parcel

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By S G Vombatkere

Viewing stone-throwing protestors as Pakistan-instigated “aggressors out to divide the country” appears at odds with ground realities. Whatever other political purpose it may serve, it is unlikely to mitigate the current crisis, leave alone solve the problem.

Kashmir has been continuously on the boil ever since Burhan Wani was killed 44 days ago. Appeals by the BJP-PDP state government and the union government to Kashmiri youth to not agitate, have been predictably ineffective. That the problem is political at its root has been pointed out by many, who have (again predictably) been dubbed by the ruling dispensation as peaceniks, pussy-footers, anti-nationals, and so on. However, the hawks support the Centre and have it that it is clearly a Pakistan-created law-and-order problem created by terrorists from Pakistan, which needs to be met with the combined force of state police, CAPFs and the army.

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J&K: Will Indians Start Listening To Kashmiris?

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By T Navin

For the mainstream Indian mindset on Kashmir, the land called Kashmir is an Indian property which should be protected and remain with India at any cost. The use of military is to protect this property. For them it is assumed this property might be grabbed away by the indigenous Kashmiris who are inspired by a neighboring country. It is never understood by them that Kashmir which is under the control of six lakh army personal, still encounters a situation where thousands of people come out on streets.

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Maharashtra: The Rich Are The Encroachers On

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Public Space In the Era Of So Called Reforms

By Vidyadhar Date

The Maharashtra government is back to its policy of privatizing open public spaces in Mumbai. Ordinary people are the losers because of this policy declared on July 27. . The upper class is not bothered because it has created its own spaces for recreation when it is not grabbing public space. I got a glimpse recently when I attended a children’s birthday party in a space that was like a public park in terms of facilities but was air-conditioned with fee of Rs 500 per child for just two hours.

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NEDA Expedites BJP’s March To Northeast India

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By Nava Thakuria

For many political pundits, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) reflects only the Hindutva sentiment with plentiful arrogances, but the enthusiastic party has cleverly formed a northeastern political alliance comprising various regional and ethnic political parties to dilute the said impression. The saffron party, which thrashed the ruling Congress in 2014 Lok Sabha elections under the banner of National Democratic Alliance (NDA), successfully realized a new forum called North East Democratic Alliance (Neda).

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Odisha - Kandhamal: A Long Wait for Justice

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By Ram Puniyani  - People’s Voice

Today, nearly a decade later when we remember with pain the horrific violence of Kandhmal in 2008, many issues related to the state of affairs of communal violence, the state of minorities, the state of justice delivery system come to one’s mind.

The incident

Just to recall, Orissa witnessed unprecedented violence against the Christian minority in August 2008. On August 23, 2008, Swami Laxmananand along with his four followers was killed, probably by a group of Maoists. Immediately, anti-Christian violence began on a big scale. The way it began it seemed as if preparations for it were well afoot. It was systematic and widespread. It sounded as if preparation was already there just the pretext was being awaited. (1)

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West Bengal: Will CPM Learn From Its Mistakes?

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By K P Sasi

Whether the leaders of the communist parties in India have understood the debates on the implications of the profit oriented development model during the last four decades in India is not my concern at this moment. At least, they should learn from their own experiences of Nandigram and Singur. The Vizhinjam Transit Harbour is only a continuation of the same old mistakes. History repeats first time as a tragedy, second time as a farce, third time as a bigger farce, fourth time as the biggest farce and fifth time……?

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The Man of Your Future

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Poem by Shoana Sharma *

Constant times of luck,

Good wishes that you tuck;

With hopes to survive despair,

Leave you betrothed, beckoning for love.  

Know not yourself, but her,

Don’t be her, but yourself

Puzzling mazes to uncover

You are left with nothing to surrender.



Vol. 12 - No. 3


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