All Willing: A True Story

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By Kapal Dhir *

Mohan (name changed) had a paralytic attack. His left side got immobilised and after many tests and hospitalisation for a few days, he was allowed to stay at home with instructions to be very particular in getting medicines. He was thus confined to bed and reduced to a state where he was dependent on his wife and other family members for his basic physical needs. Even for using the washroom, he needed help.

This went on for two years. His health deteriorated. Above all, seeking others’ help on every need started pinching him. A revolt against himself was developing somewhere in his mind, but he could not find any solution.

One night, lying helplessly on his bed, his agony upset him. “Is this the life?” he thought. “It seems medicines are losing their efficacy due to continuous use and a day is not far when my family will get tired of me, my situation will only worsen”, he talked to himself.  “Can I stop this?” That night he went through millions of worst case scenarios. A realization came to him- “.No, if I have to live, I will lead my life the way I decide. Life or death may not be in my hands, but the manner in which I wish to live is definitely my choice”.

He decided then and there that no matter what happens, he would be on his own and would not seek or accept any help from others. He will have to rely on his will power.  It was a new MOHAN, who was determined to be independent.

Soon, he felt the need to use the washroom. Earlier he used to wake up his wife for help, but now that phase was over. With great difficulty he got up, slipped from his bed to the floor, gradually but surely dragged himself to the nearby bathroom and starting urinating. It took him more than half an hour to ease himself. With every drop , he felt that his disease was flowing out. After the needful was done, and with a new vigour inculcating in him, he slowly got up, tried to stand up straight. Limping very slowly, he made his way to the bed. Then he woke up his wife and children who were really astonished to notice this welcome change. It took him about two months to be independent. With every passing day his will power and determination made him stronger. His persistence paid off and gradually he got better.

This had happened in early seventies in Shahdara, Delhi. Now  a long time has passed since this incident  had happened and over the years I have lost touch with the gentleman who narrated it to me . But, his strong will power and determination in time of adversity often reminds me of the great power of mind.  It is easy to give up in hard times but miracles can happen. Medicines and Doctors can cure us for the physical ailments but the mind has tremendous powers to help us overcome the toughest situation in life.

Of course, it is easier said than done. Once in a while people like Mohan help us in trusting ourselves.

* Kapal Dhir is a retired Financial Controller who is passionate about spirituality and learning from various religions. He is an avid reader, loves to write and gives lectures on various aspects of life. One of his short stories, The Rickshaw Wala has also appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul - Miracles. He can be reached at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

JULY 2017

Vol. 11 - No. 12


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