When Dreams Take Flight

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By A Correspondent

Neena Singh's entry into the world of television was a cinch.  Currently the much-loved star of Tere Sheher Mein (Star Plus) and the main lead of Khwaabon ke Darmiyan (DD One), she is well-known for her many roles in innumerable TV shows and feature films.

The main negative role in in Ruk Jana Nahin (Star Plus), over 15 stories as a main lead in Crime Patrol (Sony TV), key roles in Sabki Laadli Bebo (Star Plus), Uttaran (Colors TV), Ek Chutki Aasman (Sahara One), Lapataganj (SAB TV) among others; and over 25 plays - these are but a part of this talented young actor's journey.


Canada, U.S. Held Joint Exercises Simulating Nuclear Attack

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By Murray Brewster

Canadian and U.S. officials quietly held exercises last spring to practise dealing with worst-case nuclear scenarios — running through simulated attacks on both sides of the border, CBC News has learned.

The training took place against the backdrop of federal officials in this country discretely revising contingency plans, including one to reconstitute the federal government outside of Ottawa should the capital become "unviable" in an attack or natural disaster.

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Canada, Kazakhstan Sign Agreement for Strengthening Nuclear Test Ban

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World News

Canada and Kazakhstan on 29th November signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a project to provide the Central Asian nation with a radionuclide and noble gas detection station, a facility that will help strengthen the verification regime of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).

"The station is a laboratory complex that will help monitor noble gases in the atmosphere. By analyzing those gases, we'll be able to identify the cause and nature of any explosion," Kazakh Deputy Energy Minister Bakhytzhan Dzhaksaliyev said after the signing ceremony in Astana.

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No Specific Peacekeeping and Mission Commitment by Canada

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CBC News

As a two-day summit on peacekeeping kicks off in Vancouver (on November 14), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still teasing out Canada's long-awaited announcement, saying only that Canada's plan would satisfy both the UN and "Canadian values."

As CBC reported last week, multiple sources say Canada is ready to offer the United Nations a list of high-end equipment and troops who could train peacekeepers from other countries for dangerous deployments.

But the pledge, expected to be made Wednesday at an international gathering of defence ministers in Vancouver, does not involve a long-awaited commitment to a specific mission, nor will it see large-scale boots on the ground, say the sources.

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Trudeau Meets with Myanmar Leader Suu Kyi on Rohingya Refugees

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CBC News

Justin Trudeau and his special envoy to Myanmar, Bob Rae, met with Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Friday, before the start of APEC trade talks in Da Nang, Vietnam.

During the 45-minute meeting, they talked about Suu Kyi's perceived inaction on the Rohingya refugee crisis, which has seen hundreds of thousands of Rohingya flee from Myanmar's Rakhine state into neighbouring Bangladesh in the face of violence at home.

Rae told reporters after that Trudeau was forthright about the level of violence and the extent of the problems causing people to flee.

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Unemployment Rate Fell to 5.9 per cent

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The Canadian Press

Economy Added 79,500 Jobs in November

A wave of job creation last month knocked the unemployment rate down to 5.9 per cent -- its lowest level in nearly a decade.

Statistics Canada said December 1 that the economy churned out another 79,500 net new jobs in November and drove the jobless rate down 0.4 percentage points from 6.3 per cent the month before.

The federal statistical agency also released fresh figures Friday for growth -- they showed that the economy expanded at an annual pace of 1.7 per cent in the third quarter.

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Tightened Definition of Criminal Terrorism Speech in Bill C-59

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By Brian Platt

To make it easier to charge those promoting terrorism, Goodale says

As the government faces pressure over why it isn’t prosecuting more suspected terrorists who have returned from fighting overseas, Canada’s public safety minister says its new security legislation will at least make it easier to charge someone for promoting acts of terrorism.

On November 30 MPs started their study of Bill C-59, a massive bill that scales back some of the controversial national security legislation, known as Bill C-51, passed by the previous Conservative government in 2015.

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Refugee System isn't for Those Only Seeking Better Economic Life

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By Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press

Would-be Canadians need more than just a desire for a better economic future if they expect to be granted refugee status in this country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said November 23.

Trudeau, speaking at an event in Charlottetown, pointed to the case of 6,300 Haitians who have crossed illegally into Canada from the U.S. in recent months to request asylum. Statistics released this week show that of the 298 Haitian cases that had been heard by the end of October, only 29 were granted protection.

"Refugee status means that you have nowhere to go, you can not be protected by your home state," the prime minister said. "It's not just a question of, 'I'm looking for an economic future, so I want to come to Canada."'

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Part of Quebec Face-covering Law Struck Down

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By Giuseppe Valiante

A Superior Court justice ordered a temporary stay on the provision of a controversial Quebec law that prohibits citizens from receiving or giving public services with their faces covered.

Justice Babak Barin ruled that Quebec cannot force people to uncover their faces until the province establishes clear guidelines under which someone can apply for a religious accommodation.

Bill 62 was passed in October and was criticized for targeting Muslim women because they are among the few people in society who wear face veils.

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Hiding Billions in Hydro Debt 'unacceptable'

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By David Reevely

Ontario's auditor general, David Reevely

Hiding billions of dollars the Ontario government is borrowing to lower electricity bills for a few years will cost hydro users an extra $4 billion, the province’s auditor general reported.

Maybe worse, Bonnie Lysyk said in a special report on the Liberals’ “Fair Hydro Plan,” the tricks the government is using throw doubt on all the province’s books. The government, citizens, auditors and giant institutions that lend the province money are pretty much operating in a post-truth universe, where what the Liberals say is going on with Ontario’s finances has begun to drift from any previously understood shared reality.

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Five Decades Later Younger Crowd Enjoys Classic Film Shakespeare Wallah

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By Raj S. Rangarajan *

First released in 1965, Shakespeare Wallah – the film – has now been released as a new 4K scan and restoration from the original camera negative and magnetic soundtrack that featured a new 5.1 audio mix from the stereo 35 mm mags – all approved by director James Ivory.

Indophiles and those who came of age in the 50’s and 60’s would know of Geoffrey Kendal, an English actor-manager and his wife Laura Lidell who owned a traveling repertory company Shakespeareana. The theater troupe used to perform Shakespeare in the presence of Indian royalty, as also among villagers in India. Included in the audience were families of rural folk and school children who had no inkling of the English language.


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