Trudeau: Climate Leadership Failure

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By Bill Henderson

Human caused global warming increasingly threatens all we love and care about.  Climate change from this warming caused (mostly) by greenhouse gases (GHGs) from our use of fossil fuels is a potent growing risk to our families, our kids and their kids, our communities and country. This radical change threatens most of the species and ecosystems with which we share creation, civilization, and even the very future of humanity.

Climate change threatens our jobs and economy, it threatens peace and our evolving global culture, and it threatens each of our myriad and diverse personal obsessions: arts and sports, music or business or outdoor or digital tech, whatever activities we love to do.

File Photo: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers a speech on pricing carbon pollution in the House of Commons | Credit: PM website

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JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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