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Timeless Jewellery of the East and West: Ka-viva Jewels 

By A Correspondent

A social shopping website Kavivajewels.com has curated a range of easy to wear jewellery that is both eclectic and elegant.  Created out of a desire to meet demands for fresh and vibrant jewellery, it is an online service offering hand made jewellery. The jewellery segments are synonymous with being Indian-inspired and tailored towards European sensibilities.  The company covers all kinds of flora and fauna (including animal designs) and a host of other unique features.  For those wishing to customise their look, the design team at Ka-viva Jewels is also on hand.

What matters most to women of all backgrounds and financial sub-categories is quite apparent to the owners, Susanta Banerjee and Ritu Sharma, the husband and wife duo behind Ka-viva Jewels.  “Some women want their jewellery on tap but also to cut panache and elegance,” says Susanta. Ritu, also a mother of two added, “I know exactly how it feels as we all live such busy lives.  We want to empower women. All women. Not just those in business but homemakers too.  That’s at the heart of what we do.”

Ka-viva stylises their unique items as though they could be worn by the next top models but will also remain true to those wishing to be understated.

Susanta and Ritu discovered their entrepreneurial spirit while travelling away to India and fell deeply in love with all types of Indian based designs and the mysticism of the country.  They were amazed at what artisans could create.  Susanta, a lawyer, found the sights and sounds of India, including creatures extremely captivating.  Says Ritu, “We found it highly intoxicating that all the elements come together to affect the senses in such a powerful and emotive way.”  They found that this heavily influenced their design briefs and their ability to think outside the box; and they tend to push the envelope and explore design themes that most designers tend to avoid.   

The pair wanted to refreshingly fuse the classic elegance of Indian heritage with the timeless nostalgia of the European Belle Époque, Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras.  Their bid was also to create an affordable collection of jewels embodying today's fashion. Whilst the two were already successfully launching their Heritage of India online Marketplace they were keen to give meaning to a new age of jewellery design.  The title ‘Ka-viva’incorporates the names of Susanta and Ritu’s two children, Kaveesha and Vivaan.  Do they want their children to continue the legacy of Ka-viva Jewels? “Not just that but to come to recognize the blood, sweat, tears and guts that went into forming it.”  Adds Ritu, “It is important to ensure that there is also a spirit of giving back to India whenever the opportunity arises.” 

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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