Staying Healthy Through Foot Reflexology

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By A Correspondent

The feet are a mirror of the whole body. Thousands of nerve endings connected to every organ, gland and part of the body are found in the feet. These nerve endings are reflex points.

Manisha Melwani has had a passion for foot reflexology for nearly thirty years and runs a successful Foot Reflexology training practice in Toronto.  She asked us to think of a reflex point as a doorbell button. When we push the button, an electrical signal passes through a wire that causes the doorbell to sound. Similarly, when we press the reflex points on the feet, the nerves carry the signals to the corresponding parts of the body, activating their own healing mechanisms. The body has infinite intelligence and is constantly working to maintain harmony within individual organs and glands, and their interrelationships with each other.

Manisha’s interest was sparked when she attended an introductory talk in her hometown of Singapore in 1988. An energetic, elderly Chinese gentleman, Mr. Goh, with bright eyes and an infectious enthusiasm spoke about the benefits and demonstrated some simple techniques. He taught a form of foot reflexology called the Rwo Shur Health Method. This method originated from China and was further researched and made popular by the Rwo Shur Institute in Taiwan.

Unlike western forms of foot reflexology where the reflexology points are located in general areas on the foot, the reflex points in the Rwo Shur method are very specific. They are located in relation to the bones of the feet. So, whether one is working on someone who wears size 5 shoes or 15, all one has to do is to feel for the bones to locate the reflexology points.

Western reflexology does not recommend the use of tools or lotions, whereas the Rwo Shur Method does. A special tool made out the feather-light Paulownia wood is used to help the practitioner pinpoint the reflex areas and to prevent calluses from over-working the fingers. And, the use of a light lotion is recommended to keep the client comfortable during the treatment.

The Rwo Shur Method can be used to alleviate many common health concerns such as: headaches, fever, glandular imbalances, digestive issues, joint pains, back pains, eye strain, ear infections, allergies, swelling, inflammation and much more.

After practicing foot reflexology informally for several years, Manisha went back to Singapore in 1997 to get her professional training in the Rwo Shur Method under Mr. Goh’s daughter, Mrs. Geraldine Tay. She was head of the Rwo Shur centres in Singapore and Malaysia. To accommodate Manisha’s travel plans to Singapore, Mrs. Tay flew down from Kuala Lumpur to give her an intensive weeklong, one-on-one training. Manisha was lucky to have the opportunity to learn under a master teacher.

She also got her certification through the Reflexology Association of Canada, who invited her to train their Canadian reflexologists in the Rwo Shur Method. Many of the Canadian reflexologists were interested in learning Eastern techniques to enhance their practice, and also to learn how to use the reflexology tool.

Manisha now teaches this method to members of the public interested in learning how to stay healthy through foot reflexology. One has to book Manisha's Fundamentals of Foot Reflexology workshops well in advance as there is great interest in this safe and natural healing system.

For more details about Manisha Melwani's Foot Reflexology workshops, please visit:


JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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