Sunetra Ramsingh - An Executive and A Humanitarian

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By A Correspondent

Leading and managing a team of high-performance Medical Delegates, providing accurate information to health professionals about Infant Nutrition products with adherence to a strict code of ethics and local laws across nine countries - she has done it all.

Meet Sunetra Ramsingh, the firebrand Field Operations Manager for Nestlé Nutrition in Jamaica. 

In her current role, the fourth generation Indian immigrant to Jamaica is responsible for no less than nine English speaking Caribbean countries.

We caught up with Sunetra while she was vacationing in Canada, a favourite holiday destination where she has family and friends.

Sunetra's unwavering drive to succeed in the corporate world is equally matched by an unbridled passion for social causes. She attributes her grace to the unflinching support of her family. However, she lays special emphasis on her beloved maternal grandmother, the Late Lilly Maragh's influence during her formative years. The immaculately dressed executive lights up at the sheer thought of her grandmother, "Her conqueror mentality instilled in me the belief that one can do it all if one is persistent enough."

The loving and resolute guiding spirit was a powerful force in Sunetra's life.  She urged her to move forward in spite of the challenges that one encountered as a woman.  She encouraged her to overcome the hurdles that one might have faced as an Indo-Jamaican. And she inculcated in the young soul, a sense of elegance traversing through the responsibilities that are almost an unsaid expectation for a first child. 

Sunetra pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. Then, she went on to pursue a Master of Science Degree in Nutrition.  She chose Nutrition as her area of specialty after being motivated by the family history of her genetic disposition to Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs). Acquisition of this knowledge gradually began to further her interest in medicine. 

Post her M.Sc. degree, Sunetra was accepted into medical school. However, she decided to forego the opportunity to be a part of the global giant corporation, Nestlé, deemed to be the number one food and beverage company with an aspiring mandate to become the leading nutrition, health and wellness company in the world. 

"The idea of exploring new avenues in the business world of a multinational company with principles of integrity and a strong brand essence was too hard to resist," says Sunetra.  And after enjoying 12 superlative years with the company, she feels enriched beyond description. 

Sunetra's association with the nutrition-conscious giant has served her primary purpose of focusing on the well-being of her own family along with the world at large. Due to the wealth of experience and knowledge acquired at Nestlé, Sunetra is a devoted employee.  "This is not a job, she says, "This is a calling." She adds, "I consider this world-renowned entity a University with primary focus on science based innovations, research and social responsibility."  Continuous development and key learnings through training programs and conferences have been the most desirable attribute and opportunity provided to her by Nestlé. And she appreciates her good fortune.

Sunetra, the ever-enterprising executive, prefers simplicity and humility.  She reflects with gratitude the opportunities to unravel the joys of life with family, friends and co-workers. A doting sister to two brothers and the apple of the eyes of her Indo-Jamaican parents, she feels that her greatest achievement has been acquiring the trust, honour and unconditional love of her family.

Passion fuels enthusiasm and effort. It makes people test their tensile strength and to go all out for causes they believe in.  And Sunetra's passion has enabled her to serve in many charitable roles and lead altruistic projects. Of many such ventures, she is particularly proud and self-satisfied with the sponsorship of a child in India through the Child Fund organization to attend school. "My ultimate goal is to continue to sponsor at least one child every year for 12 months with the intention of completing their educational goals at the secondary level."

Another interesting and fulfilling project that Sunetra undertook was to acquire funds through the National Council of Indian Culture in Jamaica, as the Secretary, from the Seva Network Foundation.  It assisted over 100 Jamaican children with back-to-school expenses. Sunetra's enterprise allowed them to purchase books and secure their registration fees. 

The busy executive is currently hard at work on a pet project. "My curiosity with Indian culture has necessitated the need to connect with my roots in India and to know my ancestors and their stories." For the purpose, she is doing everything that it takes to make certain that the stories of the Indian community's entry to Jamaica, and their contribution to the nation is accurately documented and recognized.  

Sunetra Ramsingh's mantra is: it is not hard to make decisions when you know your values.  So no project is out of reach, no result is left unattained, and no objective to recognize her community's achievements will remain unfulfilled by the benignant humanitarian.

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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