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By A Correspondent

In the delectable world of food blogging, Freddie Paloma is a name to reckon with.

He is based in the bustling city of Las Vegas, a heart throb of food worshippers. 

Freddie grew up in a small town outside of Iloilo City in The Phillippines.  He was the youngest of five children and the only boy in his family.  The family was very religious and the church was his playground.  So it was not unusual for him to become an altar boy and devote a lot of his formative years to the church.

From very early on Freddie took great interest in food.  He literally grew up in a dearly loved bakery and restaurant.  There, he began to learn the fine art of baking gourmet bread.  "While my friends played ball outdoors, I was baking indoors," he says with an infectious laugh.  While at Seminary High School he also enjoyed delivering newspapers to earn one peso from his mother. 

Subsequently he moved to New York and his passion for food was fanned with the introduction of the Food Channel.  Freddie majored in Advertising and Marketing at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  There, as Art Director of GRP Records he created award-winning packaging for artists like Chick Corea, George Benson among others.  Later, at the Investment Banking Division of Morgan Stanley, Freddie built a department to facilitate the institution’s juggernaut marketing and branding requirements on a global scale.  In fact, he was responsible in bringing no less than 60% of the revenue for the department.  However, even while climbing the corporate success ladder, it was food that enticed him the most.

"So Food Blogging was a natural progression because of my love of design, advertising and photography," said Freddie as he cooked up a storm for eight gourmands in a friend's kitchen. His prowess as a chef was evident too as he worked with exquisite hand-picked ingredients from specialty stores.  The conversation in the room halted.  All eyes went to the master chef.  Freddie's surgical strikes, smooth tosses and vehement stirs seemed tailor-cut for television.  All the while there was a calm unbeknownst to a kitchen that active.  He was totally oblivious to the fact that so many admiring eyes were following him  around.   

Freddie was discovered by Best Food Las Vegas due to his food photography.  He is an ace photographer and food takes a new appearance when his camera comes alive.  This attribute is also a gift of his environment.  Back in Iloilo, The Philippines, the Paloma family is widely known for their forever-admired photography studio.

Although Food Blogging is more of a hobby for the supremely successful serial entrepreneur, Freddie wields considerable clout in the Las Vegas dining circuit.  "I find it comforting and relaxing when I talk about food or make food in the kitchen. It helps me to focus," he reveals with a serene countenance.

Freddie posts stunning pictures of local delicacies. It is a great source of joy for him to be able to inspire and encourage the multitude to step up their taste in food and food photography.  He is often approached by the best-known restaurants to abject newbies, so that he can feature them in his blog.  But Freddie is fastidious.  He would enter a place and soak in every possible nuance.  Interacting with the people that own and run food heavens and gauging their fervour, Freddie only features the ones that display uncompromising passion.  He is far from verbose but all the hot chefs in the city know what his expressions mean.  While the gentle closing of the eyes could mean he approves of the aroma, eyes shut for an extended period of time could indicate a very satisfactory meal.  Similarly, a frown could send a wave of panic in the chef circuit. 

Recently, India's exquisite and varied cuisine caught Freddie's interest when he was invited by some prominent restaurants and hotels from nearly 8000 miles away.   "Possibilities are endless in a kitchen in India and I wish to experience it there, " he said excitedly.  The scale and scope of Indian cuisine has kindled and elevated his imagination.   And to honour some of the grand offers, mental preparation has begun.

Freddie Paloma loves food.  And for the love of food, Freddie Paloma will go to India.

Freddie Paloma's Food Photography can be seen at:

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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