The Fish Eyes Trilogy – A Treat to Remember

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By A Correspondent

Anita Majumdar’s classic solo play, The Fish Eyes Trilogy addresses social stereotypes, high school shenanigans and shows us how patriarchal societies tend to be. 

Anita is an accomplished actress and a terrific dancer.  She hops in and out of many characters simultaneously with great ease.  Her choreography takes the story forward without any hesitation. 

Memorable characters Gustakhi, Lucky Punjabi and Meena – she can portray all of them with such panache that sometimes it is easy to forget it is Anita that are all these people. 

There is the stereotype that people encounter.  Of wanting to belong, and thus agreeing to the wishes of people around them.  And then, there are the ones that struggle to shed those shackles and create identities for themselves.

Anita’s dancing to Bollywood classics like Nimbuda and Laal Ishq transports the audience to another world and displays her emoting abilities along with her dancing prowess.  A must watch!

The Fish Eyes Trilogy will be playing at the Factory Theatre between September 26 – October 15, 2017.

The Fish Eyes Trilogy, an audacious trio of one woman dance-plays (Fish Eyes, Boys with Cars, Let Me Borrow That Top) from award-winning playwright, dancer, choreographer and performer, Anita Majumdar is directed by Brian Quirt.


Vol. 12 - No. 3


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