A Canadian Production Company’s Diya Ali at Miss Eco International

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Diya Ali to Represent Pakistan Internationally in Beauty Pageants

By A Correspondent

Touchgate Global, a Canadian production company, has recently sent Lahore-based model, Diya Ali, to represent Pakistan at the Miss Eco International 2018 contest held in Egypt.

“I am really happy to have been chosen for such an amazing opportunity for the third time. I am lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to represent Pakistan internationally, on such a huge platform,” expressed the model.

Launched by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism along with the United Nations (UN), Miss Eco International continues to bring ambassadors together to lead and inspire countries towards a sustainable earth. To make this possible, the contest is held every year.

Diya added, “I represented Pakistan to the best of my abilities and I am excited to be covering more international pageants for Pakistan this year.”

She continued, “Such contests, especially Miss Eco International, focuses on the wellness of the mind, body and spirit of all the candidates that represent their respective countries.”

Diya is also preparing for future contests for Pakistan and in her words,  she added,” I have been focusing on my training, clothes, talent and world affairs in order to answer questions on stage!”

Diya also spoke of last year’s contestant Anzhelika Tahir who had won the Miss Eco International pageant as Runner Up 1.  She went on to thank Sonia Ahmed, the president who has been running the Miss Pakistan World and Miss Pakistan pageants for 15 years. “I need the support of the public of Pakistan and for everyone to keep me in their prayers.”

Speaking of her interest in acting, the model added, “I am also starting my film career this year and am in touch with a Canadian film producer.”

“It is my dream to earn fame as an actor. There are many examples of girls who started their acting career after participating in beauty contests and I think the Pakistani film industry needs more such talented girls as there is a shortage in our industry.”

Diya hopes to start her film career with a vision and mission to do something excellent in Lollywood. “I think there is huge potential and talent within Pakistan, all they need is courage and commitment.”


JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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