G7 Follies, Police Apparatus “Protects the Summit"

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By Jim Miles

The police are wonderful when they control traffic, or rescue a cat from a tree, when they talk to school kids about catching criminals and locking them up, when they talk to teens about the dangers of drunk driving and the new legalities around marijuana.

Crowd control – who benefits?

But give them a G7 summit to watch over and a whole new image emerges. When it takes 8 000 police from various forces, costing an estimated $400 million, to watch over a small set of protesters numbering between 200-300 from various groups, the police are no longer your friend, but the friend of the government and big business.

In Quebec during the recent G7 summit (La Malbaie, Charlevoix) the squads of police wore riot gear with bullet proof vests, face masks, gas masks, equipped with assault rifles, and tear gas launchers. Overhead, drones, helicopters, and dirigible like balloons watched for wandering groups who might be a “threat” to the community. In reality, the only threat came from the militarized police forces, while the security system smiled proudly as the corporate dollars rolled in.

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JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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