Ten Years

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A Poem

By Debdyuti *

In the autumnal fall of diacoloured leaves,
Delving into the sea of distorted memories
It has been ten years since i left home -
To chase childhood dreams. 

Ten summer solstices have passed
Since i ventured on a vague road
Torn between building dreams and staying home,
But all i ever built was a house of cards
In the eye of a hurricane. 

As i return to my home today
Empty-handed, alone, scared yet resilient
The battles scars as my only trophy
And i'm still breathing the noxious air. 

Shaping my amorphous dreams 
Discordant they have become over these years  
Coming back to my roots
I've found the stairway to climb. 

* A seventeen year old from South Point High School, Kolkata, India measures life in words written and read.

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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