Undermining Nehru’s Ideals Around Nehru Centre

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By Vidyadhar Date

When it comes to plundering of public spaces for the benefit the builder lobby, there is not much to choose in Mahrashtra between the Shiv Sena-BJP combine or the Congress parties.

In the year 2005 during the Congress rule, Ganesh Naik, environment and forest minister, openly talked of the need to sell public spaces. That these were very scarce in Mumbai even then and are more scarce now makes the situation really grim.

Now, the current Sena-BJP government in the state is on the same path but in a more subtle way. Unless, there is a very serious resistance from activists, architects, urban planners and others Mumbai and other cities will be plunged into further chaos.

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JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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