The River of Tyranny

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By Devasya Mitra *

He was stolen
She was abducted
They were burnt alive-
I was responsible.
Lords, the High Lords
Fed me money,
Closed my mouth-

To let the river of tyranny flow towards the north.

I have a family
I have to protect them
They were touching my wife 
Stealing my baby’s toys
Injuring my little man’s thigh
Shedding blood over the rose lawn
I had to protect them.

I fought the war 
Some of them gave up lives
Where bravery ran inside their soul
Whom to fear, I don’t know.

So men, pick up your swords 
Youth, be forceful-
We will be responsible. 
Lords, the High Lords
Hear, you fat men—
We, the people, are greater than the God—
To let the river of tyranny flow towards the south.

* Devasya Mitra is a 16 year old who likes sitcoms. He aspires to become a poet and claims his mind is constantly clouded with thoughts. He publishes some his work in the monthly school magazine and has won prizes in essay writing competitions.

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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